Krakota - Dreamweaver - UKF / UKF028

Introducing #UKF’s 2020 series, a celebration of the very best in bass music and its most exciting, forward-thinking protagonists. Part deux! After launching with #Technimatic just two weeks ago, #UKF2020 returns with another incisive one-tracker from another key protagonist in the new-generation drum & bass movement: #Krakota.

#Hospital alumni, absurdly sharp DJ and one of the most consistent, uncompromising and talented artists to have emerged in drum & bass in the last 10 years, #Krakota’s full spectrum signature is saluted across the scene and constantly keeps us on our toes as he flips and weaves between the moods and modes… And for ‘#Dreamweaver’ he’s very much in feel-good mode.

An electric #UKF2020 sophomore single, #Krakota has gone fully in on the feels. Disco vibes, major chords, lush pads, pianos, a precision-pitched vocal hook and a big old worm of a Massive-style bassline that chews up everything in its path in a way that everyone who came into drum & bass 10 years ago would instantly fall in love with. Rooted in a golden era, fully focused on the future… Let’s take this higher.

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