Kuantum & BRK (Gerra & Stone / Felix Raymon REMIXES) - Hyperactivity Music / HYP-026

From its place in the scene as a newcomer label, to now being a trend setter within the underground world, drum & bass label #Hyperactivity has seen an expansion which is primarily down to the A&R of its label head #BRK. Hailing from Marseille, France, it was born from the #FutureSkankerz crew, which was heavily involved in the local bass culture. With #BRK standing as a major activist for drum & bass, always pushing its sounds, #Hyperactivity has seen its records crossover into the global market. From France through to stages at #OutlookFestival and the radio airwaves of #RinseFM, #HyperactivityMusic have ensured that their influence has seeped into every corner. Their remixes series reaffirms the exact reason for this and why this has only continued since they first started the label. The high calibre of its music has always been at the forefront. For the next part of the reworks packages, #Kuantum and #BRK’s collaborations receive treatments from both #GerraandStone, as well as #FelixRaymon. #GerraandStone are a duo who’ve firmly solidified themselves within the drum & bass world, due to the high levels of their production and the undeniable groove which runs through the core of their work. This is something which can clearly be heard throughout their take on #Kuantum and #BRK’s ‘#NoSugar’, which is injected with the infectious energy #GerraandStone are renowned for, without bowing down to any commercial appeal. On the flipside, you’re introduced to #FelixRaymon, a producer who stays true to his originality throughout his remix of ‘#StepIn’. ‘#StepIn’ is taken through a different lens and it’s one which is underpinned by staggered drum sequences and a winding bassline, giving the more minimal elements a weight that continues throughout the record. This is #Hyperactivity at its most diverse, highlighting why attention is on the label like never before. And it’s set to continue with every release they drop through their outlet.

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