Levela - Play Again - Ram / RAMM405

Through several reworks and his RamLive debut this year, Levela is a known face amongst the defining producers who’ve helped build Ram’s reputation as a tastemaker. This now continues with his brand new single on the imprint, a standalone release which sees Levela delve into the sounds he’s renowned for and deliver a slab of chaos which proves his penchant for mammoth basslines.

With support from label boss Andy C, ‘Play Again’ focuses heavily on its crunching breaks, which pull through the track like a freight train alongside pumped-up subs. Levela goes in for the kill on ‘Play Again’, named after its horror-like spoken sample and the reaction of reaching for the replay button.

With 'Play Again', Levela provides an intro to 2021 - opening the Ram catalogue for the New Year in the best way possible.

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