Levrige - Boss Moves EP - The Dreamers Recordings / TDR037

The Canadian duo Levrige is back to The Dreamers Recordings with a vibrant three track EP. This release proves once again the great talent of these producers, able to master the breakbeat & bassline science adding their own artistic touch and delivering product with clear footwork influences, mixing oldschool influences with a contemporary sound research. “Boss Move” is a feel good footwork tune with a tropical flair. The song is characterized by it's bouncy bongo shuffles, percussive bass stab and sweeping synth line. “OMG” finds a sophisticated balance between modern sounds and old school flavour. Using a revamped version of the Dred Bass, classic vocals, and a moody melody, Levrige pay homage to classic jungle. “Rom Pom” is the perfect balance of dancehall inspired halftime and jungle rhythms. The energetic vocal chant, chopped breaks, and shuffly shakers combine to engage full skank-out mode.

Levrige bio:

Hailing from the West Coast of Canada comes the duo Levrige, aka Erski & J.F.Killah. Representing Vancouver's famed SHAHdjs crew, they have been honing their skills for years. Producing their own unique brand of infectious bass music, they represent an exciting wave of talent from Canada's West Coast. Effortlessly combining elements of Drum & Bass, Hip Hop, Jungle and Footwork, their music is a perfect representation of all that is right with underground dance music. The iconic melodies and depth in their work is evident in their sound, which ranges from tough badboy swagger to smooth dubby grooves. With releases on Hospital, Aufect, Black Tuna, East Van Digital, Shadow Trix, and Deviant Audio there is plenty more in the works. Be sure to keep it locked on Levrige for big releases and collaborations on the horizon.


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