Lifestyle Music - Future Part 2 - LFS102

Next up on the imprint we have the second instalment of #Future, our series focused on the best emerging talent the scene has to offer. This is the release we will be leaving you on, sadly, as #Lifestyle has decided to go on ice for the foreseeable future. We’ve gone in deep for the final release, bringing five cuts from some of the freshest producers in underground drum & bass - names we’re sure you’re going to be hearing more of in 2020 - from the UK and beyond, to send a sonic signal out that these lot are the ones to watch this year.

The vibe is consistent through the release; dark, techy, aggressive. Each producers approach to the genre cuts through, and styles range inside - from super-hyped aggy neurofunk courtesy of #Archaea & #DFlex, to the slicker, stripped-back sound of #Division, the common themes are murkiness and depth. Strictly dancefloor music, these ones all pack a serious punch.

It seems fitting for the final release of this period of the label to be a collection of tracks looking forward to the future of drum & bass; throughout the lifetime of our label we’ve succeeded in staying on the cutting edge of the underground scene. While this phase of the label may be wrapping up, we wanted to take a final opportunity to shine light in some new places in the scene, and give some breaking producers some well-deserved promotion.

From all of us at #Lifestyle, as we regretfully hang up the gloves, we wish you all the best and hope that you continue to do what you're doing with music, even though we cannot. Most importantly and above all else, remember that it's all about the music! Do your best to steer clear of the playground tactics and do you! Use samples, do whatever you want because music is freedom! Freedom to be who you are. Don't give in to the negative criticism.

A huge heartfelt thanks to all of you who have supported the label, through thick and thin, to our artists, our partners, the label team and of course our listeners.

Beatport Exc: 6th April

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