Lights Out feat. Marianna Ray - Lights Out Audio / LOA002

#Coppa and #L33 are two notorious names within the world of drum & bass, especially its subsections which enter the darker territories. Whilst #Coppa has made himself the face of labels such as #Eatbrain, who he’s toured with extensively as an MC, featuring in their back catalogue for an incredible amount of releases, #L33 is the producer and DJ who’s helped provide a backdrop for the vocalist. #L33’s own sounds, which have found themselves within the discographies of imprints such as #Program, #RiseAudio, #Titan, #Citrus and #Avantgarde, have also been a defining part of his career, something which is only being taken to new heights through his part in the ‘#LightsOut’ project.

Together #L33 and #Coppa prove they’re a force to be reckoned with and their ‘#LightsOut’ alias is one which has firmly solidified their place within the genre’s headlines, especially after their ‘#RoadsofRage’ EP released recently on #Eatbrain. Launched earlier this year, the pair began their journey with cuts that set a standard, something which is continuing with their upcoming single. A move away from the more neuro-infused, cut throat style they’re renowned for, the A-side of their next release ‘#LetGo’ brings on Greek vocalist #MariannaRay and together all three artists combine their individual attributes for a release that breaks new ground on their self-release platform.

#LetGo’ combines Marianna’s peaking vocal overtures with #Coppa’s growling presence and they lead the listener into the first breakdown offered by #L33. It’s a track that blends the dark with the light, offering up another part of the duo’s capabilities to their fan base, proving there’s more to come from #LightsOut. On the reverse, you’re introduced to something which is more reminiscent of the sounds you’re used to from #L33 and #Coppa. ‘#Serenity’ begins with the tell-tale verses of #Coppa before you’re dropped into the guttural bass drives which #L33 strikes through the track’s heart. Featuring an impact which reverberates across its skeleton, it goes for a more understated bite, rather than a full-throttle drop. ‘#Serenity’ finishes your introduction to new music and each track continues to pedestal the diversity captured by #L33 and #Coppa throughout their already illustrious careers.

Beatport Exc: 2nd Dec

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