Lowriderz - Get High EP - Digital Terror / DTR076

#Digital_Terror continues pushing boundaries throughout the changing landscape of Drum and Bass music. As one of the labels most unique acts, hailing all the way from Russia, DTR shines a light once again on the #Lowriderz. Since the release of their ‘Smoke The Highgrade’ EP back in 2016, the tireless duo have been busy hitting international gigs, hosting their homegrown podcast series, and slamming out tunes in the studio. Their jump up / jungle infused rhythms have continued to cause dance floor destruction on a global scale and the Lowriderz are back in action and ready to unleash some of their dankest creations with the ‘#Get_High_EP’.

Creating an atmosphere thick with smoke, Lowriderz gets to unraveling the layers of what this EP has to offer on “#Get_High”—train horn bass stabs and skanky drums combined with classic East Coast rap samples makes the title a guarantee to set any rave a blaze. Returning to battle with renowned bass warrior #Klay means utter madness: “#Possession” is a mosh inducing piece of jump up filth; combining Klay’s rolling style with Lowriderz’ jittery edits and you get an instant classic filled to the brim with the dark aggression jump up fans love. Invoking an atmosphere thick and sticky, “#Evol” harkens back to the slasher era of horror film bringing a twitchy synth lick that saws straight through the mix atop a signature combo of high energy percussion edits.

"#NOW." sees a collaboration with #Claws and turn into a full on brawl breaking down the doors in angry rage of wonky slices of low-end and crunchy organic drums.. You can’t have a Lowriderz EP without at least one vocal tune, and "#Get_Done" brings #MCNoLimit into the mix for more of that amazing jungle swagger only they can offer —soft RnB pads set the stage for a call and response anthem as the MC beckons the ravers to the front to “put the work in” and get “higher than clouds”. A must have EP for all dnb heads.

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