Magnetude - Falling - Evolution Chamber / EVOC003

Late last year #EvolutionChamber awakened with the hard, swaying stomper that was #Magnetude’s ‘#Mantis’. With the joint collective of #Magnetude, #TaskHorizon and #Receptor at its helm, there’s already a rough, fierce energy to the music and there’s no sign of that relinquishing with the imprint’s third release since the recent launch; ‘#Falling’. Starting with a strong sense of malice, shadowy atmospherics are punctuated with glitchy touches and hints of melody, the track begins to tease us with a sweet vocal which has been washed with robotics before completely lifting us into light with emotive piano chords. Once you’ve been lured into a false sense of security the track hits with huge, hammering thuds and rinseout risers. The hard, pounding beats continue to build, gaining speed, intensity and a whole heap of anticipation before the first mammoth drop reveals the track’s main hook, it’s killer back-and-forth synths. This is some serious head banging tear-out business. ‘#Falling’ the sequel of the duo’s #RamRecords B-Side ‘#Signals’, and continues our journey with this musical cyberpunk story line. The last note of ‘#Signals’ left us in suspense, wondering what would happen to the escaped cyborg heroine. ‘#Falling’ informs us she has been chased to point of desperation through a dark, metallic, dystopian landscape until she falls from the top of a bolted and rust ridden building, and this beautifully haunting yet incredibly hard track is the manifestation of her trance like state as she falls. #Magnetude is the Anglo-Russian pairing of London based #JamesPeacock and Russian dwelling #RustamMansurov. Since the launch of their project in December 2016 the lads have racked up releases on #Ram, #Viper, #Eatbrain and #LiftedMusic which has seen them play across the globe including at world renowned #LetItRoll festival, a headline slot at #XOYO and the #AndyC Presents stage at #Creamfields. Along with ‘#Mantis’, ‘#Falling’ has been one of #Magnetude’s most requested tracks to date, and while the lads artistic concepts dwell within brooding tones of dark, doomed and twisted futures, we can promise #Magetude’s musical destiny is set to be bright.

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