Mako Announces LP Oeuvre on Metalheadz

Bristolian Stephen Redmore, known through his drum & bass alias #Mako, is finally set to unleash his forthcoming LP on #Metalheadz, something which he’s been working on behind the scenes for some time. The label head of #Utopia is well known for his slick production and penchant for underground anthems, something which has been seen again and again on his own imprint, as well as across a plethora of labels which have acted as pillars for the drum & bass world. Having already made his presence felt before within the catalogue of #Metalheadz, as well as #Break’s #SymmetryRecordings, #Dispatch, #SoulR and #SamuraiMusic, he’s a valuable part of the genre’s make up, which is why the announcement of his forthcoming LP ignited widespread anticipation.

Directly translated to ‘a body of art’, #Mako’s LP ‘#Oeuvre’ is representative of his life’s work in music production. The switching breaks of ‘#Heartstone’, slamming, yet eerily hollowed snares of ‘#Offline’ and grinding bassline of ‘#LifeCycle’ alongside the late #AndySkopes, a testament to the legacy he left behind, set the tone. Meanwhile, #Villem and #Fields join #Mako for the LP’s next collaboration ‘#LiquidGroover’ before the emotive swelling build of ‘#TheWindow’ gives way to a second drop beat switch up, continuing the journey. ‘#Flip it’ has already been doing the club rounds, as the moody #Photek atmospherics of ‘#OneReality’ and more affectional twists of ‘#HoldingYou’ adds to the tracklist’s versatility.

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