Malux - Lock Off / Mutation - Trendkill Records / TKRUK034

#Trendkill, the esteemed record label led by #Prolix, make a welcome return although this time with a single from #Malux. And on first listen this is the perfect pairing, with #Malux having paved himself a route into the drum & bass scene with his meticulously sculpted cuts. #Trendkill have an expansive history, one which has spearheaded some of dance music’s most notoriously ferocious club records and #Malux was bound to come under the guise of #Prolix after his music became a staple within the label head’s sets since he first exploded into the genre’s world. ‘Lock Off’ and ‘#Mutation’ are just two of the reasons why he’s attracted so much attention; given a pedestal through #Trendkill he causes absolute dancefloor devastation. Melding his danceability and his cut-throat sonic aesthetics, he merges a sound which is both well-honed and gets bodies moving. This is the type of music #Prolix has often delivered through #Trendkill and it remains a pivotal part of the label’s discography - Malux is another artist adding to this legendary roster.

For the single’s A-side, you’re dropped into the jagged soundscape of ‘#LockOff’. With blaring atmospherics which open the track’s intro, taking you through an alarm-like blast before its first wave of gyrating drums. #Malux has taken influence from his musical background and as a result has injected this straight into the meticulous hooks which give ‘#LockOff’ its movability. It’s not just a tech-driven rampage and instead pulls you in with a groove that is unmistakeably a #Malux moniker. ‘#Mutation’ is the single’s reverse and once again opens you up to #Malux’s streamlined yet destructive production standard. ‘#Mutation’ has a diligent mixdown and it grabs at you through each thumping layer. Bass heavy troughs continue hitting segment after segment and the producer creates a driving motion alongside the throbbing subs underlaying each climatic kick drum.

#Malux draws together two brand new tracks and is about to unleash more music onto the masses, although for the first time on #Trendkill. Together they’ll make even more of a resounding impact, displaying why both #Trendkill and #Malux have stayed ahead of the game since launching their projects.

Beatport Exc: 11th Nov

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