Manga - Exe // Lost - Neutronic Beats / NTB048

"#NeutronicBeats always provide the fire!" This much hyped release from The Boss already has phenomenal feedback from the global community. In a departure from his usual style and pattern, #Manga proves that nothing is beyond his means, remaining consistently adept in this double A-side presentation. With DJ support from #LoganD, #BadboyOrange (#FormationRecords), #Upakut & #PabloG (#KoolFM), plus many, many more worldwide, we are all excited to see a much-respected pioneer getting the recognition he deserves as the airwaves ignite. Heavy and sublime in equal measure.

Track 1: #EXE

Heavy FM disto bass signals the intro, hardcore sequence elements trigger the release. Filtered breaks feed the frenzy before we are dropped into a lethal collision of smashed rides and stepper's breaks. We're loving the bit-crushed "#EXECUTE' vox with its nostalgic 80's aura, in perfect accord with the hard, metallic distortion of the lead FX. The whole track gels and evolves in a way which is impossible to imitate and keeps the crowd rising in anticipation.

Track 2: #LOST

Deep and sublime, powerfully melodic, this is the track which is catching everybody's attention. #Manga diverges without losing any of his identity in this warm, sweet roller. Hot piano vibes, arpeggiated synths and harmonic layers heighten dance floor energy with upbeat drums and crashing topline. Safe inside the ride as always in the expert hands of one of the best in the business.

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